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metabolic maintenance


our motto


"to be growing the day we die"





movement 1


Deep Squat


for those of you who are unable to do the deep squat as shown in the video above the writer suggests you hold the back of a settee or anything which will take your weight to lower yourself down or pull yourself up until the strength in the legs has built up


if you are unable to lower all the way down and or get back up even when holding onto something for support it is suggested you start with Wall-Walking


people unable to do wall-walking will have to be assessed on a person by person basis to get insights for a prognosis


the starter movement for mobility-leading-to-longevity is the deep squat


we'll start with one a day



within a few days the writer could do two at a time and within a month could manage ten repititons two or three times a day although my style takes three or four times longer to do than the way it is done in the video


i remember what an old friend told me when i first began squatting "feel it up and feel it down"


the friend mentioned was the first and only person i know of who could do the squat with a perfectly straight back with double his body-weight





our experience of reality will, for eternity, be adhering to a simple dictum... an increasing expansion of all characteristics


the relationship between the lover and the writer follows this law


it was realised recently that the lover has mapped out, to the second, what will happen in the writer's life


without knowing all the details it is known it will follow reality's dictum


bearing this in mind, it is the writer's privilege to relate anything and everything which produces an increase in the quality and quantity of his life




on the 11082016, for the first time in more than twenty years the writer woke up not feeling a stiffness in his legs


the reason was easy to understand... for the first time in more than twenty years i had gone for a week without pushing myself to regain more strength or greater movement


understanding why this much sought-after improvement occurred by doing nothing made the writer re-evaluate his outlook as to what constitutes fitness and it has completely changed his approach to health and longevity


by now you will understand that the way to more life after death this Undulation is accomplished by recognising that an increase in the quality and quantity of life comes from practising an ethical lifestyle


in the same way that joining with me ethically (Ethical Parameters) will bring about a qualitative version of life after death so too you can now join with me in extending the length of your life and thus fulfil the purpose of metabolic maintenance "to be able to Love for as long as possible"


maxim 1


for all movements, stay within your comfort zone


what is outside of the comfort zone?


gritting your teeth






producing a feeling of fatigue




in the years ahead we're going to try to achieve sweating without going outside of the comfort zone




blood pressure