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blood pressure


the pressure of the blood against the veins as the blood is pumped around the body


the moment after the heart beats is when the pressure of the blood against the veins is greatest (systolic)


the moment before the heart beats is when the pressure of the blood against the veins is at its lowest (dialostic)


an immediate challenge to overcoming the limitations of the heart is to understand why blood pressure rises as we get older when experience tells us that as we get older all the other muscles in the body become weaker


it should be the case that as we get older the pressure of the blood against the walls of the veins lessens because the heart muscle isn't as strong as it used to be (i can still clearly remember the time i visited people with a nurse in the family. in the course of the visit, we used a stethoscope on each other. i listened to mine and then listened to the heartbeat of a five-year old boy. i was shocked. compared to the child, my heartbeat was about as quarter as loud

[and i was doing weight training at the time] )


the only bit of knowledge this website has that explains why this is the case is that blood pressure rises because of too much salt


this website is not going to do any research on the subject


it is believed that a purely common sense approach, not a scientific inquiry, will produce results


let's see if it does...


two possibilities present themselves




unethical thinking and the consequences


e.g. an american company director wanted to know why the sales of a food product had slumped


it didn't take long for the cause to be established, it was because the amount of salt in the food had been reduced, in line with government guidelines


"put the salt back in" was the result (see also this Link)


it didn't matter that it would reduce the longevity of the people who used the product


the profit motive runs america and is running america into the ground


there was no legal obligation on the company to reduce the salt in the food but there is a legal obligation on the company to produce a profit for shareholders


the profit motive runs america and is running america into the ground


again it is the british/jewish financiers in the position to buy the people who pass the laws


it is really boring to have to keep bringing this up


there are consequences attached to everything we do


we allow ourselves to let the needs of the moment dominate our thoughts and actions


just because you're not a member of isis actually killing people doesn't mean taking the lives of people via a decision in the boardroom or in a car doesn't have the same consequences as pointing the gun and pulling the trigger


the act of taking a life of a prepubescent person isn't just the beginning of the devolutionary path it is also the end of being on the evolutionary path




we are not keeping abreast of evolution


as surely as evolution separated us from chimpanzees so too do those thoughts and actions which contain unnatural death for others separate us from gaining a foothold on the future




what is the critical amount of salt, relative to weight, before salt becomes dangerous


the hardest work the heart has to do is getting the blood back from the feet to the lungs (walking as the most natural way of keeping the heart healthy?)


america's leading cardiologist... "sweat is the best cardiovascular agent known to man"